PEO Partnerships

SAIC will offer workers compensation solutions to professional employer organization direct to MGA’s, on SAIC paper or we can work with agents directly. Many businesses use PEOs, but PEOs also deal directly with individual employers. The fact that you engage a PEO does not release you from liability. Employers have a responsibility to ensure their workers are covered by a valid workers compensation policy.

Many small and medium-size employers seek to join human resource organizations, including PEOs, in order to obtain various economies of scale including workers’ compensation insurance. In a typical PEO arrangement, the employer outsources the responsibilities of workers’ compensation insurance along with human resource services, payroll (including IRS and state reporting), employee benefits and risk management to the PEO. The PEO takes over the responsibility for these areas allowing the employer to focus on the employer’s business operations. Depending on the size of the employer joining the PEO, and the total of all business services being provided through the PEO, the PEO may allow the employer to pay workers’ compensation premiums monthly similar to a “Pay as You Go” program provided by some workers compensation insurers.

Service American Indemnity Company carefully selects PEO operators that have a track record of success and are actively involved in all aspects of their business. Service American Indemnity Company claims team conducts quarterly PEO claim reviews, and the PEO President, CFO, and/or Attorney are always present. the Program Manager has a claims coordinator that works with Service American staff on every claim; she has over 45 years of experience as a claims manager with one of the largest and most successful insurance carriers in the United States. She also assists PEO client companies in filing new claims in a timely manner and helps them understand what is required of them throughout the claims process. Through the combination of the Program Manager’s claims coordinator, Service American indemnity Company claims team, and CoreCare Medical Management, Service American indemnity Company can get injured workers to qualified medical providers very quickly, we help them understand their treatment and recovery goals, and we help the employer plan and prepare for their return when it is safe for these workers to return to work. This approach is good for all parties concerned.