Thank you for allowing Service Lloyds Insurance Company to be your Workers Compensation carrier of choice. Based on the state in which the injury occurred, Broadspire (our Third-Party Administer partner) will handle all claims.

Prompt claim reporting is vital to the claim handling process. Our efforts to provide top quality claim service depend heavily upon the notification of the loss. The sooner we have your claim, the sooner our adjustors can provide the expertise and personal attention that you and your injured worker needs during a claim.

Claim reporting is easy with Broadspire TelePlus, your 24/7/365 claim reporting center. Please select among the four options:

Phone 833-294-0968

Fax 678-937-8210

Online Reporting via Web

Reporting Your Claim via the Web

As an alternative to traditional loss reporting by phone or fax, Broadspire TelePlus® can also accept loss reports submitted over the internet.

This link will take you to a subscription application to obtain an ID and password which will enable you to report claims via the web. Each user is required to setup an ID/PW by completing the application ID request. When the subscription application is completed, each user will receive an email within 24 to 48 hours containing their user ID and password, along with the link to start reporting claims.

Download First Report of Injury Form