What are my payment methods?

  • You can make a one-time payment on your Regular or Audit invoice online by registering an account through eDirect, our Agency and Insured Portal.
  • You can schedule automatic recurring payments on your Regular invoice online by registering an account through eDirect, our Agency and Insured Portal.
  • You can mail a check or money order to P.O. Box 674421, Dallas, TX  75267-4421 (info below)

What are the benefits of paying online?
You have the convenience of submitting a payment 24 x 7. Customers paying close to the due date can ensure continuous coverage. Many customers have asked for this service and are comfortable with making payments online.

How do you store my account information when I use the online payment service?
You can choose to save your account information, so it’s not necessary to re-enter this information for each payment. This account information is stored on a secure server that helps prevent outside intrusions. You can elect not to store this information. You can re-enter your payment information for each payment.

What information do I need when I make a payment online?     
You will need your policy number, invoice number, current minimum payment, bank account information (routing and account number) to enter into the online payment center.

Who can make a payment?
Any workers compensation policyholder can make a payment as long as they pay the minimum due and have registered an account via our eDirect Agency and Insured Portal.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?
We do not accept credit or debit cards at this time.

When can I use this service?
You can make a payment anytime you have an outstanding premium due. You can pay any amount between the “Minimum Payment Due” and the “Total Balance” on your policy as indicated on your invoice.

When can I schedule a payment?
Payments should be scheduled by the due date of the invoice. Due dates that fall on the weekend are processed the following Monday.  If Monday is a holiday, then your payment will be processed on Tuesday. Your Audit invoice is due upon receipt and will be available to pay online. Your Audit invoice is due upon receipt and will be available to pay online until payment is made.

What is the cutoff time to make a payment on a specific day?
Payments made after 5 pm will process the following business day.

Will I be charged a service fee for making a payment online?
No, this service is provided to you at no cost.

How quickly will payments be withdrawn from my bank account?
Your payment will post to your policy the next business day, but it may take 1 – 3 days to be withdrawn from your bank account.

Once I make a single payment, will an automatic payment be made from my account every month?
No.  You must login to the payment service site every month to make a single payment. However, you can schedule automatic recurring payments for your Regular invoice.

Can I cancel a payment?
Yes, you can cancel an e-check payment up to 5 pm on your scheduled payment day.

What happens if I’m late with a payment or miss a payment?
By missing a payment or sending your payment late, you risk a lapse in coverage, cancellation, or termination of your policy.

How do I confirm my payment was received?
After making a payment, your payment will show as “scheduled” on the Payment Activity screen. You can confirm we have received your scheduled payment under the Payment Activity screen. To confirm that your payment has processed, you must wait until after 5:00 pm on the scheduled date, at which time the  payment status will change to “paid.”

Will I be able to view my payment activity?
Yes, there is a payment activity screen listing your payments by reference number with the scheduled date or payment date and the status with options to view or cancel the payment.

Will I be notified when a new bill is uploaded?
You can elect an email notification when a bill is uploaded, when a payment is scheduled, if a payment succeeds, and if a payment fails.

I have obtained insurance coverage elsewhere and I want to remove my account on this site. What do I do?
Please contact our customer service representatives at (800) 299-6977 ext. 3756 to remove your account.