In what other states do you write workers compensation?

When are premium payments due?
If installment billing is selected, the down payment is due 10 days of binding with the first payment due within 30 days of the policy effective date.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Credit card payments are not available at this time.

Do you accept automatic withdrawals / ACH debits for payment?
Yes, we can accept payments of premium by automatic withdrawals by the insured registering an account via our eDirect Agency and Insured Portal. This easy to use system walks the policyholder through the process to set up ACH once they establish the account and record the necessary banking information.

Do you accept premium financing?
No, we do not accept premium financing at this time.

Who do I contact for questions regarding billing statements or payments received?
Please contact your underwriter for questions regarding billing statements or payments received.

How do I get changes made to the policy?
Please send a written request detailing the policy change needed to your agent or underwriter.